Our introductory programs allow you to explore and play, learning the basic skills while having a fun and relaxing experience. You will take away a compliment of simple, yet affective exercises that you can do at home on your own.

Weekly Meditation & Qigong Movement Classes

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Qigong Brunch

Learn to use Qi Energy as nourishment for the mind, body and spirit. Focus on the "Dantians", the elixir fields within the body that store and generate energy for inner circulation and healing power.

Opening the Way

Learn basic self-healing techniques including: lymphatic cleansing breath, self applied massage, circulation of Qi through the "Small Heavenly Orbit" and exercises for cleansing the liver and regulating hypertension.

Enter The Magical Realm

Explore the alchemical and transformational practices that allow for inner breakthroughs and outer manifestation.

Qigong Walking and

Qigong Dance

Learn to merge the dimensions of Qigong with a combined focus on strength, movement, flow and balance. Movements for strengthening the ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones are included along with the walking and dance routines.


Weekly Meditation & Qigong Movement Classes


Essence Qigong

Easy to learn,

yet still very powerful

and affective.

Kathryn studied directly with the Master,

Chen Fu Yin, the creator of Essence Qigong.

He is a professional doctor trained in both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine, was appointed to the Beijing Qigong Scientific Research Association and founded the Chinese Human Body Scientific Research Institute

In Essence Qigong you are encouraged to let go of the intellect and engage in the experience of your interaction with Qi. The movements direct Qi deep into your being, providing an internal healing energy bath to all the systems and organs of your body. The exercise consists of a preparation and mantra, followed by six routines.

Super Energy Method

(Clapping Hands Qigong)

Kathryn studied directly with the Master Ma, Cheng Kai, the creator of the Super Energy Method.

Master Ma discovered that the secret to psychic healing power is manifested by linking one's mind and energy with the super energy fundamental to the Cosmos. The Key to connecting with this energy for health, wisdom and enlightenment is in our hands generated through clapping while chanting a Mantra that activates the flow of Super Cosmic Energy.

In the preparation exercises one uses the hands to open and activate key channels and meridians. This form is a powerful developmental tool for energy healers and practitioners.

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Turtle Longevity Qigong

Levels 1 and 2

Kathryn studied with Master Wang, Zhe Shong over three study trips to Mainland China.

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Retreat - Rest, Relax and Heal

Coming up: FALL 2022

Turtle Longevity Qigong was passed down through the family lineage of Master Wang, Zhe Zhong, The movements are simple, fun and build strength, balance and flexibility into the body. Level 2 brings the practitioner into connection with the resources of universal Qi for internal healing and transformation.

Weekly On-line

Qigong Class

via ZOOM

Thursdays 8:00-9:00 AM
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Ongoing Class schedule below:

Certification Program

  • Practitioner of Kun Li Sheng™ Healng Technologies
  • Teacher of Kun Li Sheng™ Qigong
  • Soaring Crane Qigong Level 1 
  • Soaring Crane Qigong Level 2
  • Crane Walking Steps
  • (These courses are prerequisite to certification as a teacher of Soaring Crane Qigong.)

Qigong in the park when weather permits.

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Spring Season

Qigong in the Park

Saturday 10:00 AM

Qigong In Prospect Park - Grand Army Plaza Entrance - RSVP Required

Sunday 2:00 PM

Qigong In Central Park - West 96th Street Entrance - RSVP Required

Jade Body Qigong

A Cleansing form that

focuses on the spine and

cultivates the sexual/creator

energy of the Hui Yin (base/

earth) to the Bai Huai (cosmic).

Kathryn studied directly with the Master, Liu Dong, the creator of Jade Body Qigong, to become certiried in teaching the form and in Qigong Healing Techniques

Jade Body Qigong includes the introductory movements called "Washing The Buddha" followed by three different synchronized movements with breath performed in succession: Crane, Turtle and Dragon.

The Stretching and rotating of the spine will boost your immune system assisting the whole body to ward off disease. The stretching, halting and relaxation movements activate energy in all the cells of your body, allowing an exchange of Qi with the universe. At the same time the exercise opens the heart in an offering which calms the spirit and heals the soul.

Kun Li Sheng™ Qigong

This form was created by Kathryn Davis.

It emerged through insights gained in

deep meditation and with the divine

guidance of her quantum guides.

The purpose of this form is to activate the power of nine, which is completion and integration of the physical, mindful and spiritual properties of being. And collectively to foster global compassion and peace through the beacon of our individual light and actions.

There are nine routines, or processes that make up the complete form. They can be done individually or in combination with each other.

1) Quiet the Awareness - Become Centered

2) Focus on the Breath -Deepen Awareness

3) Relax the body & mind with focused breath, intent and gentle movement.

4) Deepen relaxation with focused breath and stretching movements

5) Seep into stillness sitting/standing meditation)

6) Tone from the stillness

7) Perform the postures that emerge from each tone, moving smoothly between each tone/posture

8) Return to stillness and engage the forces of Cosmos, Heaven and Earth.

9) From the stillness flow through the routines of the Kun Li Sheng™ form.