In this process we are encouraged to pull away from the false-self engendered by the pressure of mass consciousness in order that we not feed our energies into the miscreation's of violence and fear, and rather build new vistas of experience and relations rooted in the truth of our being.

     The Question is, have you the courage to accept, forgive and love yourself in the full knowing that you are in Divine partnership and co-creation? The world you create is fueled by the power of Source. What will you do with it? Unblind and unbind from the story you inherited and have fed into so that you may realize and actualize the fullness of being.

Is it not time to grow up and be the master that you are?

Nine Stages of Self-Transformation


ANCHOR - Weed old habits and plant new seeds.

ACT - Follow through on inspiration and guidance.

Temple Of Understanding



 The cycle of initiation spirals in unending journeys of self-transformation and growth.


It is a way of life, a way of experiencing and knowing yourself...


The totality of your self.      Moving Meditation For Mind, Body & Spirit

SOAR - Live the life of your dreams.

INTEGRATE - Meet the Quantum facets of self - "I AM"

TRANSFORM - Allow and observe as changes occur.

BALANCE - Explore and discover the center and flow.

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RADIATE - Create, create and create.

BLOSSOM - Awaken to the power and majesty of your heart.

FEEL - Accept and experience the state of your being.