From the Heart of Raphael, Mantra of the Emerald Ray

I AM that I AM of divine origin and purpose. I cleanse my being. I cleanse my field of all obstacles and adverse energies with the power of the Emerald Ray. I breath the Emerald from the center of my heart into and through the particles of my physical body, and the energies of my thoughts and emotions. The Emerald rises from me like dew in the morning to form a field around me. A field that repels all outside adversities and attracts the radiance of divine will, divine healing and divine being.

And so it is.

Add your voice to ours in the incantation of self healing.

And repeat to yourself as often as needed or desired.

Tibetan Bowl Gong Bath;  - From the Heart of Raphael, Mantra of the Emerald Ray; Higher Guidance on Faith

Our Health is impacted by our food, environment and stress, our thoughts, emotions and disassociation from our true state of being. Quantum healing aligns us with the timeline of the fully realized self and awakens us to the guidance and healing of our embodied soul .

Quantum  Healing

Kathryn is available for private sessions at her Healing Space in Brooklyn, New York and for home or phone consultations.

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Quantum      Healing

Two Videos: Descending Excess Qi from the Head. Part 1 - Tutorial. Part 2 - Full Remedy Routine Practice Session.

Are you miserable or in pain? Do you feel that you could be doing better? Are you searching everywhere but inside yourself for the answer to the puzzle of your life, or are you searching and searching within but can not crack the code of your discontent?

ALL of your answers lie within you!

The role of a Spiritual Doula and Energy Healer is to help you uncover that which is already within you... support the birth of your truth and your return to the fullness and joy of being.

Your journey is individual, one of a kind, your very own. The healing process is like a vision quest, allowing you to traverse the message of transformation hidden within the challenges of your life.

EMBARK... take a step in the direction of wholeness, health and self-fulfillment. Release the stress that grinds you down, vanquish the fatigue, face up to your fears and discover who you truly are so that you may embody the dreams of your soul.

Kathryn Annette Davis

Call (347) 480-1694 to discuss your journey and to discover how to make a quantum leap into the true you! 

Connecting to Inner Child Within; 2 videos (Guided Meditation) for Rest & Relaxation      Moving Meditation For Mind, Body & Spirit