Master Huixian Chen

Kun Li Sheng™ System


Level One training in Kun Li Sheng Qigong is the prerequisite

for the Certified Health Practitioner and Qigong Teacher courses.


Certified Training Level Two applies to both:

Kun Li Sheng™ Qigong Teachers and

Practitioners of the Kun Li Sheng™ Healing Technologies

Training Level Two

Eight Week Training plus One Weekend Intensive

Integration of the 9-part Kun Li Sheng™ Qigong form with a focus on practicing the form for self-cultivation and clearing of one's own energy field. Learn to take refuge in the quiescence of your inner space and shift awareness through space/time to commune with your timeless non-physical self.

Certified Training Levels Three and Four differentiate into focused training as either a Qigong Teacher or Practitioner of Healing Technologies


Health Practitioner Training Level Three

Ten Week Training

Learn the Technologies including hands-on energy transmission, meditations, mantras and application of sound.

Health Practitioner Training Level Four

One Weekend intensive plus 10 hours of healing sessions

Includes integration of healing skills, and real world application through apprenticeship and healing sessions with volunteers and students.


Teacher Training Level Three

Ten Week Training

Learn to speak and teach the 9-part form

Teacher Training Level Four

One Weekend Intensive plus 10 hours of teaching sessions

Includes integration of teaching skills, and real world application through apprenticeship and teaching sessions with volunteers and students.

Soaring Crane Qigong

Embodies the grace and beauty of a

bird in flight.

Level One - Five Routines

This is a classic form. The titles of each

routine suggests the intention of Soaring

Crane Qigong. Gathering Qi from Six

Directions, Penetrating the Heavens and the Earth, Crane's Head Carrying Qi through Governor Vessel and Conception Vessel,

Crane Touching Water and Mingling with the Source of All Qi. Level one also includes the Soaring Crane Remedy Routines 1 and 2.

The form originated with Master Jinzian Zhau and was brought to the United States by his official lineage holder, Master Huixian Chen, with whom Kathryn studied at the Oregon College Of Oriental Medicine (OCOM).

The practice has some movements and steps that resemble the practice of Tai Chi, but it is a medical form and is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

The routines enable the practitioner to gather Qi from the universe, earth and directions and guide the Qi through the meridians, providing a resource for healing all systems of the body, including: circulation, organ function, balance and flexibility of the joints. The practice will cultivate self-discipline, body awareness, mental focus and integration of mind, body and spirit.

All who complete the required 12 hour course plus 6 hours practice sessions will receive a "Practitioner Certificate" which is the first prerequisite toward becoming a Qigong Teacher of Soaring Crane.

Soaring Crane Qigong

Level Two - Standing Meditation

Soaring Crane Standing Meditation includes a mantra to facilitate a deep state of connection with your inner being, the planet and universe. Following the mantra the practitioner moves into a period of spontaneous movement that occurs in response to those connections. At the end of this period there are specific movements to collect the senses and ground oneself back into reality. It is considered advanced due to the places it may take you and the level of release and transformation that can occur. Level two also includes the Soaring Crane Remedy Routines 3, 4 and 5.

Crane Walking Steps

The Kun Li Sheng™ System is one of Magic and Mysticism.

Created to facilitate humanity's awakening to the powers of 5th and 6th dimensional experience.

Advanced Training and Certification Programs      Moving Meditation For Mind, Body & Spirit

Soaring Crane Qigong

The so-called ascension is no more than the acceleration of our vibration of being rising to the level of Christ/ Buddha consciousness.

This is what the avatars of the past came to foretell.

NOW is the time to make the shift within ourselves. In so doing we support the transformation of the world.

Soaring Crane Walking

Steps provide a beautiful

routine embodying the

movements of the crane.

It has a specific pattern of movements with specific steps and directions. The arms move like a bird in flight. The form brings quiescence to the soul and deeply connects one to the natural world.