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Kathryn's focus is on a discourse and meditation on connecting with one's Divine Nature. Segment 2: Power of lucid dreaming

Kathryn engages the listeners in a purposeful participation in the "Moment of Divine Unification" which takes advantage of the celestial constellations on this day Friday the 13th as a sacred day for manifesting Peace, Prosperity and Unification of the Human and Divine Worlds.

Opens with news stories. Segment 2: Kathryn shares a meditation/message from higher self on 2015 as the year of faith.

Higher Sellf on understanding the true creation story and the reason incarnated humans agreed to participate in the human experience. Segment 2: Meditation for removal of DARK CELL, (negative thought generator), from the brain.

Powerful Affirmations for Abundance and TRUE WEALTH!



A 25 Day Program Activated by the Power of 13

Created LIVE during the period of February 13 - March 13, 2015 in Divine Order to Harness the Rare Celestial Configuration of Abundance and Transformation Available During this Moment of Time.

Videos: OPENING CEREMONY (Three parts)

             & Michael's Message for Peace

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Gathering the Motivation and Power to Sustain the Movement of Creation, Rejuvenation for Self Healing and Prosperity

Received by Kathryn on the 20th of March 2015, from Sirius Star Being, Bobitt Uriya, Keeper of the Healing Chambers.

List $30.00 (WBAI Production)

QigongOnLine Discount $15.00



  • Sitting Relaxation
  • Infinity Breath
  • Preliminary Stretch
  • Meditation of Appreciation

List $30.00 (WBAI Production)

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Courageous Heart, Living the Life of Your Dreams, Nine Stages of Self Transformation: Cycle of Initiation.

By Kathryn Davis

PERSPECTIVE: Power Of The Personal To Build Global Peace, Scribed by Kathryn Davis

TRUE WEALTH Empowerment:

A 25 Day Program Activated by the Power of 13

Scribed by Kathryn Davis