Qigong is different from other exercises in that it goes deeper than the muscular skeletal physical aspects of the body and reaches in to the movement o energy through the meridians (energy channels) in order to clear blocks that can ultimately lead to disease. And for those who are already dealing with health issues Qigong can assist in the process of restoration and healing.

One of the objectives of Qigong practice is to quiet the mind and release oneself from judgemental thinking.

This allows the mental process to shift to one of quiet awareness.

This will lead to a more peaceful state of mind that lasts far beyond the Qigong practice into every day life.

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Qigong was originally referred to as The Healthy Living Method.

It is a practice of energy cultivation. It is gentle, yet extremely powerful in its ability to heal and relax the body. 

While doing the practicing, one moves gracefully through a set of movements or postures while breathing deep full breaths and focusing their attention inside themselves.

Kathryn Davis presenting a session on Meditation and Relaxation for the Bronx Health Link during a program designed for "First-Time Pregnant-Women" at the Patterson Community Center in the Bronx, New York, in December of 2013.

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