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Enliven your being, Enlighten your workout

and plug into 5D Awareness.

Learn the practice of Qigong for self-healing and inner transformation

or become a Certified Teacher or Health Practitioner

Soaring Crane Qigong is a classic qigong practice based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taoist philosophy, and communion with the natural world.

Through the interplay of breath, meditation, visualization, and gentle, graceful movement, it permits practitioners to accumulate vital force (Qi) and circulate that energy.

Soaring Crane practice can lead to a marked improvement in physical health, lower blood pressure, increased flexibility, improved balance, sounder sleep, less pain, fewer headaches, increased energy and reduction of physical and mental stress.

Kathryn is available for

private sessions

at her Healing Space in Brooklyn, New York and for home or phone consultations.
Location of Healing Space:
110 Bay Ridge Ave, BK, NY 11220 (2nd Floor Walk Up)
(347) 480-1694
For more information on Healing Services visit

Listen to radio interview featuring Kathryn Davis and Aracely Brown of the New York Open Center regarding the healing properties of mindfulness practices.

Aracely interviews Kathryn about Qigong and her course in Soaring Crane offered at the Open Center. Also offering an update on the many opportunities to grow and learn through the myriad of programs offered through the center


 Studio Maya

Check out my interview of Maya Jocelyn, founder of Studio Maya. Perhaps you will be as inspired as I was with her dedication:

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The kickstarter campaign has been postponed. But go take a look at the video...

You will love what you see!

For more information on Kathryn's Healing Services visit

NEW 2017 Qigong Class Schedule

STUDIO MAYA in Brooklyn -  NY OPEN CENTER in Manhattan

Information or Questions

(347) 480-1694

Embody the Grace and Beauty of a Bird in Flight!

Soaring Crane Qigong

For Optimal Health

NY Open Center

5-Week Training with

Kathryn Davis  

22 East 30th Street,

NY, NY 10016

(212) 219-2527, Ext 2

Thursday Evenings

6:00 - 7:30 PM

Five-Part Series

JAN 12 - FEB 9, 2017

Visit our QigongOnLine YouTube page      Moving Meditation For Mind, Body & Spirit

Featured Course Material:

✭ Relax into Qigong Form with Grace and Ease ✭ Anchor into the Earth ✭ Connect with Cosmic Flow ✭ Hold and Move Energy through Your Body ✭ Deep Tissue Relaxation ✭ Self Applied Massage and Acupressure ✭ Standing Meditation ✭ Moving Meditation ✭ Jade Body Techniques ✭ Turtle Longevity Techniques ✭ Remedy Routines ✭ Bone Marrow Washing Technique ✭ Liver Cleanse Technique ✭ PLUS Qigong Trance Dance

Mind/Body Healing Series                           
at Studio Maya

4-Week Training with

Kathryn Davis

603 Bergen Street, BK, NY 11238

(Bet. Flatbush Ave. & Vanderbilt Ave)

(917) 837-3705

Saturday Afternoons

3:00 - 4:00 PM

Please arrive on time so not to miss anything!

Drop in for one class or take all four
NEW Introductory Series
January 7 - 28, 2017
Individual Sessions $20

All Four Classes $65

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and discover the many opportunities to listen and engage!

(347) 480-1694


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