Archive interview of Kathryn by Aracely Brown, Program Director at the New York Open Center about her course in Soaring Crane

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If you are looking to clear out a year’s worth of stagnant energy and emotional malaise... and would like to boost your physical and emotional flexibility with nourishing low-impact routines.

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The Qigong Global Summit brings deep learnings from a wide range of wisdom streams within the realm of Qigong… including Wujigong & Wuji Quan, Tai Chi and Zuowang meditation, Qigong-based sound healing, and Da Zi Ran (following nature)… from the world’s most prestigious living masters, including: Master Li Junfeng, Master Mantak Chia, Daisy Lee, Faye Li Yip, Kathryn Davis, Qigong Master Chunyi Lin, Robert Peng, Master Helen Liang, Master Mingtong Gu, Deng Ming-Dao, and many others. 

Qigong, (pronounced Chee-gung), is the foundation for a life lived with more flow, bliss, and balance. It can assist you to cultivate health and longevity from curative traditions grounded in nature and the cosmos. This ancient Chinese tradition combines the word Qi, which means subtle breath or life-force energy, with “gong,” meaning cultivation or skill.

I’m deeply honored to be among over 35 leading Qigong teachers, masters, and doctors in this year’s Qigong Global Summit. You will experience a rare convergence of Qigong masters from all across the world.

You’ll also gain insight into the wide array of healing and practical applications of Qigong — and even hear an NBA basketball player’s account of how Qigong aided his professional and personal well being.

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