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Relax from the


at Studio Maya

Saturdays 3:00 - 4:00 PM

603 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY 11228

(Bet. Carlton and Vanderbilt – 2/3 train to Bergen St.)
Calm frayed nerves and

cultivate inner peace and contentment.

Every week we cover a variety of healing techniques,

such as Qigong stretch & meditation, Bone Marrow Cleanse,

Washing the Buddha, Walking Qigong, Essence or Turtle

Longevity Qigong, and Qigong Dance, etc.

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or call(347) 480-1694

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to learn about Qigong sessions in the parks.

Archive interview of Kathryn by Aracely Brown, Program Director at the New York Open Center about her course in Soaring Crane offered at the Open Center.

Newark Center for

Meditative Culture

NEW 2020 Qigong Class Schedule      Moving Meditation For Mind, Body & Spirit

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Information or Questions

(347) 480-1694  -

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and discover the many opportunities to listen and engage!

Information or Questions - (347) 480-1694   

Enliven your being, Enlighten your workout

and plug into 5D Awareness.

Learn the practice of Qigong for self-healing and inner transformation

or become a Certified Teacher or Health Practitioner

Kathryn will be participating with other great teachers in a


February 23, 2020


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Kathryn is offering private healing sessions on Sundays at a Manhattan office in Chelsea. Please call (347) 480-1694 for more information. 

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